A revolutionary new hay steamer



Hayvape - Hay steamers re-imagined.

The Hayvape system is not just any old hay steamer… It’s a hay steamer with a difference!

Not only does the Hayvape professional hay steamer reach the required temperatures in excess of 90⁰C to effectively kill of the harmful bacteria and fungal spores that are naturally present in hay, but in as little as one hour, it will convert around 6-7 litres of water into over 10,000 litres of steam. This ensures that even the driest and dustiest hay will emerge soft, moist and succulent.

What makes our system unique is its ability to infuse the flavour and aroma of herbs into the hay whilst it steams.

"Hay steamers are proven to be the most effective way of making hay as safe as possible for horses."

Steaming hay is the number one method of reliably making hay much safer for horse to eat. If your horse suffer from any nasal, throat or lung problems, you perhaps they have equine asthma, then steaming to reduce dust is probably one of the most responsible choices that an owner can make. Steamed hay also carriers a much higher water content than dry hay and therefore can help to alleviate gastric problems associated with excess stomach acids.

With the development of hay steamers and the proof that they are effective in killing the bacteria in the hay. It made sense that the addition of herbs within this concept would also improve the taste of the steamed hay and in turn help encourage those fussy feeders.
Our unique inline herb infusing chamber (patent pending) sits between the steam generator and the main steam box. The steam is forced through the dried herbs, releasing all of the flavour and goodness of your chosen herbs before carrying on through to the hay box. The resulting hay-nets or bails now taste so much more interesting than plain hay. Even the condensation that collects as water in the box can be used to soak dry hard foods such as chaff or bran. The used herbs can even be sprinkled into their feed to give additional flavour.

We all know that high quality hay steamers don’t come cheap… until now.
If you’re looking for an affordable, top performing, comprehensive hay steaming system with multiple safety features, CE certifications, high spec components and materials and of course our unique herb infusing chamber, then you have come to the right place.

So, whether you’re after a complete hay steaming solution, maybe you want to upgrade to a more powerful steam generator or perhaps you just want to add the inline herb infusing chamber to an existing system, then look no further. Our modular system allows you to expand and upgrade your setup as required. Maybe you need a large hay steamer in the yard and a smaller, more portable one to take to shows and events. Visit the Hayvape online shop to find you perfect hay steaming system.

Big Monty

After many long hours over what seems many even longer months, we have developed a system to allow the extraction of all the great flavour and scent of the herbs that I knew all of my horses have enjoyed during my life long equine passion. Now we are delighted to be able to share this experience with you.

From Sarah

- The Owner